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Town of Morinville Community Needs Assessment - Resident Survey


We want your input! Town of Morinville is undertaking a Community Needs Assessment. This Assessment will identify strengths and resources currently available, focus on capabilities of the community, and address potential service gaps. Completing this survey is an opportunity to share your experiences and hopes for living in Morinville.

Please be assured that all responses are confidential, and the results will be compiled in group form only by Applications Management Consulting Ltd. If you have any questions or concerns about the overall project, please contact Morinville FCSS at 780-939-7839.

Survey deadline is July 19, 2019.

Please note this survey is intended for people who are specifically residents of Town of Morinville only. If you are not a resident of the Town of Morinville, we thank you for your interest however we’re unable to use your information.