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2019 Retail Sales & Management Positions Survey

Sponsored Compensation Survey of Retail Sales & Management Positions

Nespresso / Nestle USA Sponsored Compensation Survey of Retail Sales & Management Positions.

This brief and confidential survey is sponsored by Nestle USA / Nespresso. Results will be provided free of charge to those who participate by August 14, 2019. Please call us with any questions at 212.683.7745 or email us at
This survey has two components:
1. Compensation & Practices Data Collection (Web-Based Survey)
2. Compensation Incumbent Level Data Collection (MS Excel Based Survey) Click to Download
Once you've completed the practices questions that follow, please download the Excel Workbook. You will use the Excel Workbook to complete the compensation portion of the survey
PRINTABLE_PDF_VERSION_OF_PRACTICES_QUESTIONS (To be used for Informational Purposes Only- Please Complete Survey Online)

Please call us with any questions during the questionnaire input process at 212.537.0185 or email us at