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A+ Practice Quiz: 220-1001 Quiz 14

Enjoy the following 10 question quiz from TestOut

1. A technician has configured a client computer's network interface with addresses of servers where the client will send requests for translating Fully Qualified Domain Names (FQDNs) to IP addresses and IP addresses to FQDNs.

Which of the following TCP/IP suite protocols is used by the client to perform the request and also used by a server to respond to these requests?
2. An administrator configures a server to run the TCP/IP suite protocol that allows users to download files contained in specific directories on the server and also protects access to those files by requiring user authentication.

Which of the following TCP/IP port numbers allow this protocol to work properly? (Select TWO)
3. Which of the following protocols carry phone calls over an IP-based network?
4. While setting up a home office, a technician disables the DHCP service on the office router, but does not want to rely on link-local addressing.

Which of the following IP addressing methods should be used?
5. Which of the following are optical storage devices? (Select THREE)
6. Due to a blackout, power is no longer coming from the wall outlet, and your computer is now off. You do not have a UPS, and you need to remove a disc out of the DVD drive. What is the easiest method for retrieving the disc?
7. If a printer is connected directly to a Windows workstation, what can be done to allow other workstations on the same network to send print jobs to this printer?
8. Which component in a laser printer charges the paper to attract toner?
9. One of your customers is still using an old dot matrix printer. While printing, the customer noticed that the text was light or faint. A new print head was installed, but the documents are still faint.

Which of the following should you do to troubleshoot the MOST likely cause?
10. Your laser printer prints a vertical black line on every page. You change the toner cartridge, but the problem does not go away. What is the MOST likely problem?
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