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AGM Resolution 2019

The information you provide through this survey will be used to refine and develop the proposals for the 2020 England Hockey AGM. Feedback will be summarised and made available through a summary of this consultation that England Hockey will share in November 2019. In order to best monitor and record your feedback, we would ask that you complete a separate survey for each club/organisation you are submitting feedback on behalf of.

An offline version of this survey, for those wanting to consult with their organisation, is available here:

Any voting preferences given on behalf of your organisation will not be made available to anyone outside of England Hockey.

You are reminded that this survey only forms one part of the process. Exercising the right to vote at the 2020 England Hockey AGM is critical for the next stages of the process.

Information will be stored by England Hockey but without any personal data retained longer than is reasonable.
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