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Free CompTIA Linux+ Practice Test: XK0-004 Exam 1

Enjoy the following 10 question quiz from TestOut. After the quiz you will get a score and explanations for any missed questions.

1. Which system component verifies the hardware and passes control of the computer to the boot loader?
2. In which boot process stage is the root partition mounted?
3. You have partitioned and formatted a new hard drive, sdc. You want to mount the first partition on sdc to directory /mnt/newdisk. Which command will perform the mount correctly?
4. Which of the following are true about the ASCII character set? (Choose TWO)
5. You obtain your applications and updates in RPM format. Which Red Hatof the following distributions is your system based on?
6. Which of the following systemd unit-specific sections describes how to manage services or applications on the server?
7. You would like to make it harder for malicious users to gain access to sensitive information. Which of the following techniques can be used to remap the root directory to include only certain directories and files?
8. Your site is dependent upon the use of the rlogin utility for remote access. For security reasons, you want to prevent the hosts in the marketing department from accessing the payroll server, but allow all others to do so.

Which of the following files should you use to create this restriction?
9. Which utility would you use to view current connections and active sessions and ports on a computer?
10. Which of the following commands verifies that TCP/IP is working correctly on the local computer?