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New Information Circuit Submissions

Background Information

CORE Group convenes hundreds of global health professionals through its annual Global Health Practitioner Conferences to share knowledge, evidence and best practices in order to increase the impact of global health programs and policies on communities around the world.

CORE Group's Regional Global Health Practitioner Conference in Nairobi, Kenya aims to:
  • LEVERAGE community voices and experiences of frontline health workers, community health workers, community nurses, and other service delivery providers to help identify the kinds and levels of services needed.
  • LINK individuals, organizations, governments, United Nations, donors, private sector, and many other key players both inside and outside the community towards addressing social determinants of health and ensuring everyone works together for improved health outcomes and breaking down silos.
  • LEARN about best practices and approaches in community health within national and local health systems, as well as consortium building and technical capacity building with strategic focus for improved community health.
New Information Circuits are shorter-form presentations from multiple presenters during a dynamic 90-minute session. New Information Circuit presenters share NEW tools, innovations, projects, and topics that contribute to the advancement of global community health and reflect this year's theme, "Leverage, Link and Learn for Community Health." This table topic format encourages diverse feedback, small group problem solving, and in-depth conversations.

Each table presentation will last 25 minutes and participants will rotate three times to different tables during the session. Table hosts will stay at their tables and repeat their presentation with three different rounds of people.

All New Information Circuit proposals are reviewed and approved by CORE Group staff with the aim of ensuring a wide variety of topics that will collectively enhance the attendee's Global Health Practitioner Conference experience.
New Information Circuit proposals are evaluated based on:
  1. Relevance to the conference theme, "Leverage, Link and Learn for Community Health" as well as other tables and sessions
  2. Originality and uniqueness of study, question, or research
  3. Clarity of proposal
  4. Level of participation and engagement of attendees in the proposal
  5. Impact on future work
New Information Circuit presentations will take place on Tuesday, October 15, 2019 from 2:00pm-3:30pm at the Safari Park Hotel in Nairobi, Kenya. Additionally, all participants and speakers are required to register for the conference and are responsible for their own travel and accommodations.

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