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Easy Street Driving School

Feedback Survey

1. Overall, how was your experience with Easy Street Driving School?
Very SatisfiedSatisfiedUnsatisfied
2. What was your experience using our website?
Very EasyEasyHard
3. What areas of our website need improvement?
3. Did you have one or multiple instructors?
4. Please rate the instructors you had.
Space Cell JonathanMikeGarrett
Five Stars = Exceeded Expectations
4. Five Stars = Exceeded Expectations
Space Cell MelAlexSearrah
Row 1
4. How was your experience with the Driving Instructor?
Exceeded ExpectationsMet ExpectationsBelow Expectations
4. Based on your experience with Easy Street, how likely is it that you would recommend Easy Street to a friend?
Very LikelyLikelyUnlikely
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