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20 | IFYC Coach Application

Who Are You?

The hallmark of the Coach Program is bringing together students from different backgrounds with varying interests and career aspirations to serve as trainers, mentors, and community builders for their peers. If you are looking for a leadership opportunity that will provide you with individualized support and a development plan focused on your interfaith leadership, this program is for you.

This application will consist of the boring stuff on this page, one short form essay (~500 words), 4 long answer questions (<250 words), and one long form essay (~750 words), if you'd like to download a copy of the questions to prepare offline before submission click here
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The IFYC Coach Program Orientation will take place Thursday, January 23rd through Sunday, January 26th 2020. Are you available to attend this training? *This question is required.**This training will take place in Chicago at no expense to you.
**Both experiences will take place in Chicago, at no expense to you.