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Sparwood Livability Study: Community Grading Survey

Sparwood Livability - Community Grading Questionnaire

Hello! Welcome to the District of Sparwood’s Livability Grading Questionnaire.

Please note, the data from this questionnaire will be used for the purpose that it is collected, and no individuals will be identified within the data. Your responses will remain both confidential and anonymous. 

As you may know, Teck Resources Limited is currently in the operations and construction stage of the Environmental Assessment process for the Baldy Ridge Extension (BRE) project to Elkview Operations.  BRE will increase the disturbance area of this operation by 862 hectares and bring mining closer to Sparwood than ever before. It will also contribute to sustaining mine activities and jobs in this region for an additional 25 years.

As part of the environmental approval for BRE, the Province of BC’s Environmental Assessment Office has included a condition related to understanding the social and economic effects that this expansion could have on residents and businesses within the District of Sparwood. As a result, The District is leading a livability study for the community of Sparwood. Livability refers to all the factors in an area that determine an individual’s or community’s ‘quality of life’. 

This Community Grading Questionnaire is the third and final community-wide survey that will be shared with Sparwood’s residents and visitors in an attempt to develop a made-in-Sparwood livability study. Your answers to this questionnaire will inform the current state of livability in Sparwood, along with various other fact-based datasets. These questions will be shared with the community at regular check-points over the course of the BRE, to measure livability changes over time and make informed decisions related to supporting or improving quality of life in Sparwood. 

Thank you in advance for taking the time to complete this questionnaire. This questionnaire should take you approximately 10-15 minutes, depending on your answers. Your participation is completely voluntary. You may decline altogether or leave blank any questions you don’t wish to answer. Again, the data from this will be used for the purpose that it is collected, and no individuals will be identified within the data. Your responses will remain confidential and anonymous.  You can direct any questions you have regarding this research to Jeremy Johnston at or (250) 425-6271.

Note: if completing this survey on a mobile device or tablet, the arrows at the bottom allow you to scroll between pages.

Privacy Disclaimer 

The information from this survey is collected under the authority of the FOIPPA and is used to provide guidance to The District of Sparwood when it comes to making decisions regarding quality of life. All personal information will be kept confidential, and will not be disclosed to any person or organization without your written consent. If you want to contact The District of Sparwood about this survey, please contact