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Nomination Form - ISC Outstanding Educator Award 2020


Submission Guidelines

Nominators may submit only one (1) candidate nomination each year. Multiple submissions by the same nominator will result in the disqualification of all submissions by the nominator. Nominees cannot nominate themselves for the Outstanding Educator Award. All nominations must be received by October 25, 2019.

Criteria for Eligibility

Nominees must:

  • have 20+ years of teaching experience at an institute of higher learning
  • possess a substantial body of work of merit (available for viewing online via nominee's website)
  • possess a substantial knowledge of sculptural history, theory, and innovations
  • demonstrate significant personal research in the field of sculpture
  • demonstrate teaching effectiveness
  • possess an informed technical vocabulary
  • be able to articulate sculptural knowledge in the identification and promotion of each student's creative potential
  • have devoted their career to education and to the advancement of the sculpture field as a whole

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