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PIPS Screening Survey - New

Antidepressant Research

Thank you for showing an interest in our research study. The following section includes some brief questions about your medication and finishes with some basic questions about your mental health. The screening questions normally takes around 5 minutes and can be completed on a mobile or tablet device. After you have finished one of the team will be in contact via email to tell you a bit more about the study and what's involved 

2. Have you received an antidepressant prescription from your doctor in the past 2 weeks? *This question is required.We require participants who have just started taking an antidepressant 
Unfortunately, we require participants who have just started to take an antidepressant.  We would like to thank you for your interest in the study and wish you all the best with your treatment  
Please select the antidepressant that you have been prescribed from the list below: *This question is required.
Have you taken your first dose? *This question is required.
Please upload a photo of your prescription here.

(Please note that the date, drug dose, and drug name must be clearly visible; you may obscure your own name)
*This question is required.
Are you currently taking any other medication(s) for a brain health problem?
*This question is required.
If you answered yes to question 9 please tell us  *This question is required.
Have taken any other medications for a brain health problem in the past 4 weeks please enter:
Do you speak English fluently? *This question is required.
Will you have access to a computer (with a keyboard) to complete the start and the end of the study ( additional sections can be completed on a mobile or tablet device)
This question requires a valid email address.