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A+ Practice Quiz: 220-1001 Quiz 15

Enjoy the following 10 question quiz from TestOut

1. An administrator is asked to configure all network file sharing devices so that both Windows and Mac OS computers can access files. Which of the following network protocols should the administrator enable? (Choose THREE)
2. To assist a user, a help desk technician is able to take advantage of a Windows proprietary network protocol that allows the technician to open a graphical interface to connect with the user's Windows computer.

Which of the following TCP/IP port numbers is the default port used by this protocol?
3. A technician is configuring the static TCP/IP settings on a client computer. Which of the following configurations are needed for internet communications? (Choose THREE)
4. You are setting up a small network in your office with one Windows server and 50 Windows workstations. You want to spend as little time as possible configuring the workstations with IP addressing information. What should you do?
5. You have a DVD-ROM disc with no label, and you want to know if it has any important files on it. You insert the DVD-ROM into your optical media drive, then you double-click the drive letter for the optical drive to see the contents of the disc.

If the DVD-ROM is not a valid disc, which error message will you see?
6. You have just finished upgrading the 250 W power supply in your desktop computer to a 450 W power supply. Now the BIOS doesn't recognize one of the hard disk drives in the system during POST.

Which of the following troubleshooting steps is the BEST to try first?
7. You have just purchased a new home and want to purchase a home theater computer system. Which of the following hardware selection criteria is the MOST important for this system? (Select TWO)
8. You are purchasing a PC system that will be used as a file and print server in a small business. Which of the following hardware selection criteria is the MOST important for this system? (Choose TWO)
9. After working without problems for a couple of years, your computer has begun to lock up. You suspect that it is a thermal issue, but you can't find any component that is not functioning correctly.

You have not replaced the CPU or installed any new devices. The CPU cooling fan and the power supply fan are working properly. The lock-ups are happening with increasing frequency.

Which of the following is the MOST common condition that might explain these symptoms?
10. Your system crashes at various times: sometimes on startup, sometimes when running a software application, sometime when a certain group of applications is running.

You suspect a malfunctioning CPU, but none of the common issues seem to be present. You have not configured overclocking. There is no overheating. The CPU is seated correctly and locked into its socket.

What can you do to definitively determine if the CPU is causing the system crashes?
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