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Ohio School Breakfast Challenge: Champion Application 2020

Breakfast of Champion Award

Schools that demonstrate success in building a collaborative best practice to create, enhance or expand school breakfast.
The 2020 Champion of School Breakfast Award recognizes individual schools or school districts that demonstrate success in building collaborative efforts to create, enhance or expand their School Breakfast Program.   

How to Nominate a School or District 

There are 4 ways to nominate a school or district for the Champion Award.
  1. Districtwide Application: Complete one application for the entire district. 
  2. Individual School Application: Complete one application for one school
  3. Multiple Schools Using the Same Service Strategy: Complete one application for multiple schools using the same service strategy.  (ex. One application for all elementary schools using the same strategy for school breakfast. List the name of the schools below if using this strategy).
  4. Multiple Schools Using Different Serving Strategies: Must complete one application for each school in the same school district.  ( application for each elementary, secondary and high school).  Please email Jan Ritter at to receive links for multiple schools. 
How to Complete the Application

Applications are scored competitively.  Use statistics to support your answers and engage others in your district to help in gathering data, i.e. school business, nursing, principal, and other internal and external partners.
  1. Read Past Champion of Breakfast Award Stories- Review the Champion of Breakfast Award winner stories for ideas of how to validate your success.  Click here to read the Champion of Breakfast Award stories. 
  2. Demonstrate impact- Give specific details of the breakfast strategy implemented and its impact on
    • Collaboration of Internal and External Partners
    • Breakfast Participation 
    • Sustainability 
  3. Take Pictures-  Include up to 5 photos of breakfast in action. i.e. promotion of breakfast and your menus, special events, food images, etc.  Please send only pictures approved to be published.    Use this link to email your pictures.  
  4. Deadline to Submit Nomination- Nominations will be accepted thru February 3, 2020. 
Save and Complete Later Button

At the top right hand corner of the page you can click the button Save and Complete Later, to finish your application at another time.  Please supply an email address to save your progress. A unique link will be emailed to you that will allow you to return where you left off.

Please contact Jan Ritter at if you have any questions regarding the application.  

You are now ready to get started!