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Early College - Part A Application

For parties seeking designation in Spring 2020 for SY2020-21 enrollment.

Applicant Criteria
  • Applicants for designation must be structured partnerships between at least one K-12 partner (specifically a Massachusetts public high school) and a higher learning institution partner.
  • If a higher learning institution is seeking designation with multiple K-12 partners, a designation application must be completed for each K-12 partner.
  • In order to complete Part A of the application, a simple co-signed letter of agreement to a partner is required, and must be co-signed by both partners. In order to complete the Part B application, a formal memorandum of understanding (MOU) between the applicant partners will be required.
Early College Designation Timeline (TENTATIVE)
  • Fall —  Part A Application due
  • Late Fall — Part A Application reviewed by staff
  • Mid-October through December 2019 — Staff conduct Final Designation information sessions, provide technical assistance
  • February 1, 2020 — Part B Application Due
  • Late Winter — Part B Application review by staff. All applicants who submit Part B must participate in an interview with department staff. 
  • April 2020 — Final Designation Application summaries and recommendations are reviewed by the ECJC. Final Designations conferred by end of month.
Primary Contact 

Kristin Hunt, Early College Director, Department of Elementary and Secondary Education,; (781) 338-3110