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2019 NMHC Innovation Challenge

Thank you for your interest in the second-annual NMHC Innovation Challenge!

All submissions will be reviewed by a peer review committee of NMHC members who serve on the NMHC Innovation Committee.  

The Challenge winner will receive two FREE registrations to the 2019 NMHC OPTECH Conference and the opportunity to present to almost two thousand industry leaders at the conference. The committee will review the submissions on a rolling basis and will announce the winner by October 4th, 2019. Good luck!

2019 NMHC Innovation Challenge:
Do you have a solution for reducing the cost of construction or the time to bring new apartments to market (modular, pre-fab, automation and robotics, new technology, etc.) to allow the apartment industry to support housing affordability?

The committee will use the three criteria listed below when making their decision:

  1. Ability of the solution to reduce construction costs or time.
  2. Ability of the solution to be scalable for the apartment industry.
  3. The unique, creative, and innovative nature of the solution.

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