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2019-2020 YLC General Orientation

2019-2020 YLC Facilitator Orientation Registration Form

Thank you for your interest in the NYC Youth Leadership Council (YLC) program. The YLC program is a civic engagement and service learning opportunity open to New York City high school students ages 14-21. Administered by NYC Service and run through partnerships with schools, City agencies, and community-based organizations throughout NYC, students serving on YLCs have the opportunity to collaborate with adult leaders to address crucial issues and catalyze authentic change through a combination of policy, practice, and/or advocacy. By joining a YLC, students are empowered to team up with their peers and develop the tools and skills to put their ideas into action. The shared goal is to improve the effectiveness of policies and practices that impact the lives and communities of all New Yorkers – particularly those that affect young people – and prepare New York’s youth to fully participate in our democracy. 

If you have already attended a YLC info session, please complete the following registration form to attend an upcoming YLC facilitator orientation. The orientation will focus on equipping YLC facilitators with a range of tools and best practices for engaging youth participants in interactive experiences. Attendees will receive a copy of our YLC Youth Engagement Guide (a.k.a. operations manual) and have the chance to clarify any questions or concerns you might have directly with the YLC program team. 

If you are interested in learning more about what the YLC program is, the kinds of organizations that can join our partner network, and the process for launching a YLC, sign-up to attend an info session webinar at
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