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Customer Acquisition Benchmark Survey - Long Form

Key Performance Indicator Benchmark Survey - Customer Acquisition

All information provided will be held strictly confidential, and will be aggregated anonymously as to ensure no company specific information will be used or shared with any third parties.

We are committed to the quality of the research reports we publish, and the quality of the data collected in our research. Our Data Quality Analysts ensure the integrity of the data collected by performing sensitivity analysis to all such data, and validating the association of each respondent to the information being provided.  As such, we ask all survey participants provide their company email address. Your participation and all data provided will be held strictly private and confidential according to our published Privacy Policy 

The information provided on the first part of the survey will enable filtering of KPI's to compare against  "like peer groups"  or "similar cohort" in the Industry Benchmark Report.

A detained glossary defining all term and concepts included in this survey can be viewed by clicking here

You can send an email to at anytime with questions regarding how a specific term or KPI is being used as part of the Industry Benchmark and KPI Report.
The first section of this survey includes 15 questions that provide the company attributes that our research will be filtered against so you can see your  "Like Peers" for a more precise KPI comparison.
1. Your Title Level?
2. Your Department?
3. Company Type *This question is required.
This question requires a valid currency format.
Revenue or ARR in Millions ($)
This question requires a valid percent format.
Growth Rate (%)
6. Primary Target Market(s) - Customer Revenue Size ($) *This question is required.    Choose all that that most closely reflect your Go To Market Segmentation
7. Would you like to provide your specific "Target Market Segment" criteria? *This question is required.    - This will enable you to help shape the "Industry Standard" nomenclature for this KPI
What are your specific target market segments(s) - Size ($)Low to High Revenue & Naming Convention    OPTIONAL  to complete - Provide your Target Market Segment based upon REVENUE or EMPLOYEES and your naming
    convention for each segment. We will use this information to standardize segmentation for each target market
    segment if possible
Space Cell Rev ($) or Employees - LowRev ($) or Employees - High Market Segment Name
Low End (SMB)