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Linux+ Practice Quiz: XK0-004 Quiz 3

Enjoy the following 10 question quiz from TestOut.

1. You have a system with more than one Linux operating system installed. During the system's bootup process, which component loads a splash screen, allowing you to choose which operating system you want to run?
2. If a systemd system is configured to use as the default boot target, which file has a symbolic link (symlink) to the file?
3. Which of the following Linux bridge modes is the default?
4. When implementing a network gateway, implementing a firewall, or increasing performance, multiple NICs can be added to a computer.

Which of the following can be implemented on VMs to provide this capability?
5. You are working on a Linux distribution that uses systemd. Which file in the /usr/lib/systemd/system/ directory is text-based and used to start the services that support multiple users and support networking?
6. You are working on a systemd-based Linux distribution. Which command can you use to manage the services and targets?
7. You are installing Linux on an old computer with an old BIOS, and you are planning the partitions for the hard disk drive. Which of the following directories SHOULD exist in the first 1024 cylinders of the hard disk drive?
8. You want to change the port that SSH listens on. You are going to edit the /etc/ssh/sshd_configfile. Which line, when added to the file, will change the listening port to 1066?
9. Anna, a technician, executed a command to display the contents of a file and received this output:

[user@linux ~]$ cat myfile.txt
at: myfile.txt: No such file or directory

Which of the following commands would Anna enter to find out the exit code that was returned by this command?
10. Which of the following is a valid metacharacter that can be used in the bash shell to escape or ignore the shell's special meaning for the character that immediately follows?
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