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Online Communities FY20

Online Communities FY20

Read about our online communities below and choose which one matches your campus. Groups will meet throughout the fall of 2019. If you have questions, reach out to 

Goals for each group will be:
-Gather staff and faculty members from universities with shared identities to discuss interfaith work within their distinctive context.
-Share ideas, plans, and actions related to diversity and religious pluralism on their campus.
-Connect with IFYC staff members and experts in the field about how to implement effective interfaith programming on their campus.

-You must be a staff or faculty member at the stated university-type
-Groups will meet multiple times during the school year

Historically Black Colleges and Universities
HBCUs are one of the fundamental pillars of American higher education. Their legacy in serving generations of African-American students and their continued dedication to education and community-building offers a distinctive context for interfaith engagement. This learning community will connect individuals at HBCUs across the country to discuss the role of religious diversity on their campuses.

Christ-Centered Colleges and Universities 
As colleges and universities grounded in Christian roots and mission, these institutions are able to engage a diverse set of students from a committed worldview. This learning community will bring together individuals working at these institutions who are interested in how to effectively do interfaith work from a Christian higher education perspective.

Public Universities
Public colleges and universities are, by their very purpose, institutions committed to serving the civic good. With some of the most diverse student bodies in the world, public universities offer a reflection of the wider religious diversity in the United States and an opportunity to offer models of bridge-building to society. This community will offer individuals at public universities a chance to discuss how to do effective and meaningful interfaith work.

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8. Can you commit to 1 to 3 online meetings (determined by group) throughout the fall semester?
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