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TAK-002: Patients

Study Description

Research Study Description: 

Research Collective is partnering with a major pharmaceutical company to study how patients with a specific type of neurological disorder feel about their current treatment process. Specifically, we want to know what is good and bad about it -- what confuses you? What is difficult to manage? Who helps you (if anyone)?

This online screening survey will help us determine if you meet our qualification criteria for this study. We invite you to take the next 5 minutes to complete this survey to see if you qualify for our paid, in-person study. Those who qualify and participate would receive $200 for their time.

Your Involvement: 

If selected to participate, you will meet in person with two of our researchers for a 2-hour interview session. During this interview, they will ask you to describe your current treatment routines so that we can better understand your overall treatment experience. Additionally, they will ask you to interact with a prototype device in order to obtain your insights and feedback. This research method allows us to learn from individuals who are currently in treatment and make recommendations to help improve the design of future delivery device products. The device you would interact with does not contain a drug, nor would you be asked to use this device on yourself.

Please be assured this study session is purely for informative research purposes only, and is intended to help improve the treatment experiences for patients with a specific type of neurological disorder. We are not promoting the use or sale of any medications that we may be discussing.

About us:

Research Collective, a user experience research firm based in Tempe, Arizona facilitates user experience studies on an array of medical devices. This type of research gathers insights from patients and healthcare professionals to help medical device companies design products that are intuitive, safe, and easy to use.