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IABM Future Trends Theatre at BIRTV 2019

IABM Future Trends Theatre at BIRTV 2019 Presentation application form - Deadline for applications is 31 July 2019
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Please upload a photo of the speaker that we can use for promotional purposes/请上载演讲嘉宾相片以供推广之用
By submitting this application you agree to the following disclaimers:
  • You agree to being recorded by IABM TV
  • Applying does not guarantee you will have a presentation slot
  • PDF's of presentations to be made available and distributed
  • Acknowledge that the IABM Theatre presentations are not part of or associated with the BIRTV conference proceedings
  • 阁下同意IABM TV进行录像
  • 申请并不保证阁下得到演讲时段
  • 演讲须提供并散发PDF演讲稿
  • 清楚IABM大讲堂演讲并非BIRTV报告会的一部分,并与其无关。