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Eagle River Recreational Flow Preference Survey

The Eagle River Watershed Council and American Whitewater need your help defining user preferences for the streamflows that support recreational opportunities on the Eagle River and Gore Creek in Colorado's Central Mountains. This survey was developed to allow individuals and outfitters to report how changes in streamflows affect recreation quality on several sections of the Eagle River and Gore Creek. Information collected by this study will be used to assess river-dependent recreation as part of the Eagle River Community Water Plan. Your input will help identify the full range of flows necessary to support activities like kayaking, rafting, float-fishing, tubing, and stand-up paddle boarding for novice, intermediate, and expert users alike. The information you provide will help protect and enhance local tourism-based economies and the high quality-of-life enjoyed by Eagle County residents.
1. Select the river recreation image(s) you most readily identify with: Please select from the following images.