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Born Celebrity Discovery Questionnaire


And congratulations for investing the time discover how you can take your yourself and your brand to the next level. No matter how successful you currently are, there's always a next level.

Benefits of Filling Out this Questionnaire

Unlike some coaches and consultants, I really get to know my clients and look at the big picture with them. I hope you appreciate that. This questionnaire should only take you 20-30 minutes to complete. Don't overthink it, or rush the process. By filling out this questionnaire, you will:

Raise Your Frequency

During our time together you’ll get recharged, refocused, and recommitted to the highest vision for your brand. And, more than ever before, you’ll believe you can create it.

Identify Opportunities

No matter how successful or fulfilled you are, there’s always a next level. How can you leverage, manage, and protect your brand—so you can improve your results and enjoy the journey more?

Solve a Problem

A discovery call is more about identifying opportunities than solving problems–but a solution to a challenge you have might also present itself during our time together.

See If You're a Fit to Work with Me

When you submit your questionnaire, I’ll let you know if you qualify for a complimentary discovery call so you can mastermind with me to grow, protect, and love your brand.

Personal & Brand Development Questionnaire

IMPORTANT: Read the information below before filling out this questionnaire to ensure you qualify for a discovery call.

Born Celebrity™ is NOT: a talent or booking agency; a brand management company; a publicity or PR company; a do-it-for you service provider; going to “represent” your brand in any way or call others on your behalf; going to get sponsors or investors for you; a company that gets paid via commission or contingency; going to give you referrals or access to our celebrity clients or pitch them about something on your behalf. Born Celebrity™ provides brand strategy and consulting for high-profile individuals (including celebrities), companies, and charities--to take themselves and their brands to the next level.

Our clients want to manage their brands instead of leaving their dreams in the hands of others; are talented (not just pretty faces or famous for being famous); have already done things at a high level in life and been successful; typically invest 5-, 6-, or 7-figures per year on personal development and/or brand strategy; take pride in consistently learning and evolving; work tirelessly to achieve their goals (vs thinking or hoping others will do it for them); take calculated risks vs trying to coast or always play it safe; strive to use their power and influence in a way that's empowering to others. 

We keep our clients identities confidential but we can say we've worked with: A-list celebrities and entertainers, elite entrepreneurs, thought leaders, spiritual leaders, award-winning writers and bestselling authors, world-renowned speakers, celebrity bloggers, actors and actresses (feature film, TV, online), media personalities (TV, radio, print, online), musicians, recording and performing artists, dancers, filmmakers, movie producers and directors, interior designers, fashion designers, models, fine artists, politicians, athletes, and more. Everything you share with us will be kept confidential.

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