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Fishbowl Solutions Windchill Upgrade

With support ending to Windchill 11.0, it might be time for you to upgrade!

Please fill out the survey below and our PLM Team will get back to you with pricing estimates within the next 24 hours.
1. Contact Information

Do you have a single server for both Windchill Application and the database? or do you have a separate server for the Windchill Application and a separate server for the database?

3. What version of Windchill are you on? *This question is required.

Are you running Windchill in a cluster environment?

5. Do you have any Smart Card Security or SSO integration?

Do you have reverse proxy or multiple firewalls configured?


Do you have a full LDAP integration?


Do you have additional Windchill replication servers?


Do you have Windchill CreoView publishing configured?

10. Do you want to convert from Oracle to SQL?
11. Do you run Cognos?
12. Do you run Solr installed and configured for search?
13. What OS are you on?
14. Do you have any customizations in your Windchill system?