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ESIP Community Guidelines Reporting Form

If you believe you’re experiencing unacceptable behavior that will not be tolerated as outlined in ESIP's Community Guidelines, please use this reporting form. You may also use this form if you observe a potentially dangerous situation, someone in distress, or violations of these guidelines, even if the situation is not happening to you. Please provide as much detail as you are able to. Reports may be made anonymously.

Reports go directly to ESIP's Executive Director, are handled discretely and privately, and will only be shared with the people who can investigate, respond, and advise. As part of this investigation, it may be necessary for some information to be disclosed to others, for example to key stakeholders administering communities or events, witnesses, and the wrongdoer. If you have questions, please contact

*If you would rather not communicate with the Executive Director on this matter, please do not complete this form, but instead contact*
5. Please share your contact information. While contact information is not required, it is encouraged.