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APNA Workforce Survey 2019

Let’s change how nurses are seen in Australia
With your support, APNA is creating an Australia in which every nurse working in primary health care is valued, visible and respected.

With 1 in 4 nurses underutilised in Australia, it’s time for change
Right now, APNA is working to improve the environment you nurse in, and to raise the profile of nurses who work outside of hospital settings.

There is one, definitive tool that informs government about the primary health care nursing workforce in Australia – APNA’s Workforce Survey.

Each year thousands of you take the time to contribute to the Survey, and every nurse who takes part increases its impact. Every nurse who completes the Survey helps the nursing voice get louder.

This year we’re getting LOUD
The survey is having an impact. It’s making nurses more visible. The more nurses who complete the survey, the louder we can be. 

So this year we're looking for 3,000 nurses to do the Survey.

How will this help? Well, it’s not just about informing APNA anymore. The APNA Workforce Survey now informs those with power and influence in the health system.

Take part in the 2019 survey, and your data will directly inform current and future policy 
Make the most of this moment to ensure that your voice is valued, visible and respected.

The nitty gritty
  • This online survey will take around 30 minutes.
  • You will be asked about your professional experience, your current role, working conditions and workplace satisfaction.
  • Do this survey on a desktop computer – NOT a tablet or mobile phone.
    There is a combination of tick box questions and short answer questions.
  • All responses are anonymous and no individual will be identified in any part of the research.
Ready? Ok, let’s get loud.