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OGA Priorities Survey

As a Presbyterian, how informed are you about the work of the PC(USA) Office of the General Assembly (OGA)? What do you think about the work this office does? Well, here's your chance to tell us! 

The purpose of this survey is to get input from the broader Church regarding OGA. Your responses will help OGA learn about Presbyterians’ current understanding of, and alignment with, its work.

And please know this survey is for you, even if you don't know much about how the church functions as an institution, let alone what OGA does. We want to know what people don't know. Also, we include informational bits throughout, so you could learn something in the process!  

We hope you take the time to help with this important study. OGA want to hear the voices of Presbyterians from all levels of the church, so that their discernment can be made not just prayerfully, but also with open hearts and informed minds.

We estimate that this survey will take about 11 minutes. Your participation is voluntary and all answers are confidential (and anonymous if you used a generic link to open the survey). If you don't know the answer to a question, it does not apply to you, or it makes you uncomfortable, skip it. You won't hurt our feelings.

This survey will close on September 15th. 

If you run into any technical difficulty while taking the survey, please contact Deb Worland at 502-569-5077 or
1. We're excited to get started! But first, we want to start with a general question regarding awareness of OGA. So, how familiar are you with the Office of the General Assembly?