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Employability Self-assessment

Welcome to your employability self-assessment

This survey is designed for desktop/laptop computers only. Please return using a desktop or laptop.
Your employability skills are measured across 4 tiers. The following self-assessment is a chance to rate yourself across a series of 13 technical UX skills and 25 core attitudinal strengths that directly translate to higher employability as a UX Designer.

This assessment has been developed in collaboration with leading behavioral psychologists, experts in project-based learning and a panel of leading Australian UX design practitioners.

There are no right or wrong answers here. Please take the time to answer as honestly as possible. Self-reflection can be a great technique for identifying areas for development.

Novice - Demonstrates a readiness to learn and an entry level understanding of a concept

Apprentice - Demonstrates habits of growth and an ability to apply a skillset

Proficient - Demonstrates proficiency of application and a deeper understanding of a concept

Master - Demonstrates an ability to lead & learn with expert application

➡️ ApproachingThe ‘approaching rating’ indicates that you believe you’re approaching the next rating
The self-assessment will take approximately 15 minutes. Please find a quiet place and avoid completing this survey if you are in a stressed or highly anxious state.