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Larkin Township Recreation Plan Survey

Larkin Township is developing a 5-year Recreation Plan. We'd like your opinions on what we should do with parks in our community over the next 5 years and beyond. Our brief survey will take only a few minutes to complete. Please note that your identity is confidential but all responses will be public information that will be included in the Plan. Thanks for your help!
1. Why do you visit local parks in our community? Please check all that apply.
2. Larkin Township owns and operates one park, known as the Larkin Township Park. It is located on Jefferson Road between Hubbard and Monroe, just south of the Township Hall. It includes six ball diamonds, a walking path, two pavilions, playground equipment, horseshoes, a soccer field, and sand volleyball. What is your familiarity with this park?
3. Have you ever rented a pavilion at the Larkin Township Park?
4. The development of the Larkin Township Park has improved the quality of life for residents of Larkin Township.
5. Please evaluate the following aspects of the Larkin Township Park
Space Cell GoodFairPoorDon't know
Upkeep & maintenance
Safety & security
Variety of amenities
Handicap accessibility
6. Do you think the Larkin Township Park needs additional playground equipment? 
7. Larkin Township is considering acquiring additional park land. It hopes to fund any such acquisition primarily with grant funding. What kind of additional amenities would you like to see in Larkin Township parks? Please check all that apply
11. What is your relationship to Larkin Township?
12. What is your age?