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Chiropractor Marketing Survey

Benchmark Your Practice

Ever wonder how your practice stacks up compared to other personal injury doctors?

Now you can find out!

Simply fill out this short, 6-minute survey and you will receive a free summary how your practice compares to your competing doctors.

The survey questions are designed to provide you with the most helpful information for benchmarking your practice.
You'll get an in-depth look at where your marketing plan, costs, budget, and results stand, in comparison to your competition.

All of your survey answers are private and WILL NOT be shared on an individual level with anyone.

1. What are the top 3 places you advertise to get new patients? (Please check 3)
2. Do you currently have a marketing plan?
3. What are your biggest challenges with tracking where you get new patients? (select all that apply)
How do you track which advertising generates new inquiries?
To determine which advertising is working, which of the following tracking tools do you use? (select all that apply)
4. What is your monthly marketing budget?
What is your marketing cost per new patient? (marketing spend divided by # new patients)
How good is your office is at tracking the source of new patients?
ExcellentGoodWe don't track marketing sourcesNot very goodTerrible
If you don't know the answer to every question, don't quit. Fill out what you can and keep going.

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