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Linux+ Practice Quiz: XK0-004 Quiz 6

Enjoy the following 10 question quiz from TestOut.

1. What will be the result of the following command?

2. Which of the following commands would allow you to see whether a remote computer is reachable?
3. Which file shows the currently mounted volumes?
4. You have an XFS file system in your Linux system represented by /dev/sdb1. You need to copy all the filenames on the drive to the /reviewxfs file. You must be able to read the filenames in the /reviewxfs file.

Which of the following commands should you use?
5. A Linux administrator is logged in as root and needs to copy a file named letter.doc from the USB flash drive mounted under /media/usb.

Which of the following commands will copy the file from the USB flash drive to the root user's home directory?
6. Which of the following commands will change the file's name to reports.bak?
7. You are the only Linux administrator for a very small company. You are constantly asked to fix one problem or another as they occur. Which of the following is the BEST way to log into the system each morning?
8. You have logged in as a regular user when a frantic phone call comes in. The ABCD process must be started on the server now, but can only be run by root.

Which command would you use to start this process?
9. Which of the following sets of permissions represent the minimal permissions required to allow a user to list the contents of a directory?
10. You have a critical file called yearend.xls. You have set the file permissions so that only the owner of the file can modify it and only group owners can read it.

Which of the following file listings show that you have set the permissions correctly?
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