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2020 School Stars Promotion Contest

School Stars Promotion Contest
Now through March 31st, we are accepting submissions for our OverDrive School Stars promotion contest.

We welcome up to 5 entries per school, 1 idea per entry form. Please consider this year's categories when submitting. We are looking for:
  • Best in Social Media
  • Best in Student Participation - Teens
  • Best in Student Participation - Young Readers
  • Best Bulletin Board/Visual Display
  • Best in Classroom Use/Activity
2020 prizes will be awarded in content credit to help you grow your digital collection. This year we're rewarding:

Best Overall - Grand Prize: $2500 USD
Best in Category: $500 USD
Best in Category - Runner Up: $250 USD

Additionally, 5 entrants will receive $100 USD simply for entering!

A few Parameters:

1.     The promotion must occur within the 2019-2020 school year (August 2019 - Present).

2.     You must show examples of your efforts (screen captures, photos, student testimonials, videos, etc.).

3.     5 entries per school permitted.

4.     1 entry per form.

School Stars 2020 Official Rules
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