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SG Sunrise Participants Data - 2019


Sunrise Participants Data Gateway


The survey platform has nine (9) stages:
Get buy in from COEs
TOT for GFP of selected councils
Participant selection
Resource mobilisation workshop
Baseline M & E workshop
Training workshops
Mentorship programme
Summit support
Project close out (including full summit application)

Instructions below BEFORE attempting to capture data:
Please enter the name and surname of the woman as you start the survey that will be used throughout the process. This will allow you to start building her profile and it will allow you to return where you left it off.
All sections of the form MUST be completed.
Fields marked with a red asterisk (*) are compulsory.
When you see an arrow at the end of a box it means there is a drop down menu, please click on the arrow to select the correct option.
Use your local currency where requested and do not put commas. Round off to the nearest whole number without cents e.g. 2570
It would be ideal if the person that is filling in the survey is the Gender Focal Person or the Mentor.
Please note that files may not be more than 50 MB each.
Use the name and surname used initially to come back and capture other stages
1. Which Country, Province, Council *This question is required.
2. Participant Name and Surname *This question is required.