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Certified Ethical Hacker Practice Quiz: 312-50 Quiz 11

Certified Ethical Hacker Practice Quiz: 312-50 Quiz 11

1. Helen is analyzing a packet trace and wants to identify the packets associated with new TCP connections. What flag(s) are set on the first packet initiating a new connection?
2. When creating a digital certificate, what key is used to create the digital signature on the certificate?
3. Carla ran a Nessus vulnerability scan of her network and discovered systems running SSL 2.0. What action should she take to remediate this vulnerability?

4. After a recent penetration test, Gary’s firm recognized that they are not currently using multifactor authentication for remote users. Which one of the following approaches would be a satisfactory implementation of multifactor authentication?

5. Helen is preparing to submit a malware sample to VirusTotal for review. Which one of the following techniques would allow her to match the file to the VirusTotal database without disclosing its contents?

6. Ben’s firm is considering the use of a cloud provider who will offer them the ability to run their own application code on systems managed and controlled by the provider. What tier of cloud computing is Ben’s firm considering?
7. When designing a firewalled network, what zone is normally used for systems that must have limited public access?
8. Which one of the following regulatory standards applies specifically to records containing credit card information?

9. Andy would like to identify the IP address used by a website. Which one of the following tools would NOT provide the information he needs?

10. Karen is crafting an iptables firewall rule that will restrict inbound connections using the SSH protocol. What port should she configure in her rule?