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STAR 2019: Research Abstract and Headshot Submissions

Title and Abstract Submission

1. What is your name?
(We will email you verification that your submission has been received.) This question requires a valid email address.
(Must be >1 word and <30)
5. STAR Research Presentation Authorship(Discuss authorship norms with your Research Mentor. 1st Author, STAR Fellow, is required. Please add others as appropriate. Middle initials are optional. Add institutional numbers for each, for example 1 or 1,2)
Space Cell First NameMiddle InitialLast NameInstitution Number
1st Author (STAR Fellow)
2nd Author
3rd Author
4th Author
5th Author
6th Author
7th Author
6. Please add the institution names corresponding to each number below: *This question is required.(Each author MUST have a an institutional affiliation. STAR Fellows may choose STAR, their university, or their school as their institution.  Please enter NA in empty fields.)
Space Cell Institution
Discuss your abstract with your Research and Education Mentors. Your entry must be >100 and <300 words in length. Avoid special characters (e.g. spell out 'sigma' instead of using the greek symbol).
8. What kind of presentation are you giving at the Closing Conference? *This question is required.(All uploads MUST be in .pdf format.  Posters will be printed full size and also letter-sized in the Conference program.)
9. Please upload a headshot of yourself for inclusion in the conference program book (for examples, please see the 2018 STAR Conference Program).  Attire can be either formal or casual, but should be professional. A simple, plain, or blurred out background is best for printing purposes. We can assist with minor lighting adjustments that may be needed.