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Delta CX Decision Matrix

1. How much would this product, service, or experience decision achieve our strategies and goals? *This question is required.
 012Somewhat related.45 
Completely unrelated to strategies and goals.Absolutely would achieve strategies and goals.
2. How many potential or current customers would this decision affect? *This question is required.
 012Roughly half of customers.45 
Zero customers or very few (an extreme edge case).100% of customers would be affected.
3. How time-sensitive, urgent, or severe is this decision? How mission critical is this? If you are at a crossroads and under pressure to choose a direction, we would rate this higher. *This question is required.
 012Somewhat urgent or severe.45 
Not time-sensitive. Wouldn't matter when or if we did this.Highly urgent, severe, and mission critical.
4. What will it cost (time, money, other factors) to have to undo or reverse this decision later? If a manufacturing process might have to change later, rate this a 5. *This question is required.
 012Some time and money.45 
$0 or freeExtreme amounts of time and money.