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Linux+ Practice Quiz: XK0-004 Quiz 7

Enjoy the following 10 question quiz from TestOut.

1. Which component is responsible for loading and executing the initial process?
2. You just got a new input device named GamePad that you want to use on your computer. You don't think that the GamePad driver (the kernel module) was compiled into the kernel of your Linux distribution.

Which of the following commands will install the driver (gamepad.ko) into the kernel? (Choose TWO)
3. A system administrator is configuring a package manager to access packages from a local repository and take advantage of a local repository's transfer speed. Which of the following commands can be used to pull packages from an online repository? (Choose THREE)
4. You need to create a user account with the following parameters:
  • Login name: pmorrill
  • Comment: Paul Morrill
  • Home directory: /home/pmorrill_temp
  • UID: 683

Which of the following commands should you use?
5. You need to perform some system maintenance on a systemd system, and you want to prevent users from logging on while you do so. Which command should you run?
6. You have a systemd Linux system that is configured to boot into the by default. The system seems to be running much slower than normal.

You need to reboot the system, but you want it to boot into a single-user target unit with no network access so you can perform troubleshooting tasks and get the system running normally again.

What should you do before you reboot?
7. You have a tape archive mounted in /dev/rmt12. You need to get a list of the file contents. Which command will list the contents?
8. You have a SCSI tape drive st0. You want to back up the contents of /var/oracle. Which command will perform the backup?
9. When creating a bash script, it is important to document the purpose of the script. Which of the following is a valid comment?
10. Which of the following statement describes file globbing?
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