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Sports Competition Pathway Grants - Screening Checklist (Step 2)


Prior to completing the Screening Checklist, make sure you have read and understand the SCP Grant Guidelines (Step 1).

Yarra's Sports Competition Pathway Grants (SCP Grants) provide financial support to local athletes who participate at International, National and State levels.

The purpose of SCP Grants is to encourage greater participation in competition pathways through helping athletes to achieve their full potential in their chosen sport. This is achieved by assisting with costs associated with participating in competitions such as travel, uniforms, entry fees and / or preparation, including access to sports therapy and specialist training facilities.

The following checklist determines eligibility for a SCP Grant. Eligible applicants will be issued an Application Form via email by a City of Yarra Recreation Officer. If you have any questions please contact
Step 1 Acknowledgement: I have read and understood the SCP Grants 2022/2023 Guidelines *This question is required.