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2. Photo/Video Reproduction Waiver

When you register for a CATIE event, you agree to allow CATIE to:
  • to allow CATIE to take photographs or video recordings or audio recordings of you at this event;
  • to allow CATIE to use these images or recordings in any publications and/or promotional materials produced by CATIE in any print or electronic format, including CATIE’s Annual Report, the website and social media. They can be distributed at events, conferences and workshops, CATIE’s Annual Meeting;
  • that these photographs and/or video footage and/or audio clips will be the exclusive property of CATIE and that all reproduction rights reside with CATIE;
  • and you also understand that signing this release does not guarantee publication of the photo and/or video material, or of the audio clips, and that there will be no compensation or remuneration for these images and recordings.
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Privacy Policy

Personal information provided on a CATIE registration form or scholarship application is completely confidential. It is not traded, rented, shared or sold to any organization or individual. Personal information will be made available only to authorized employees, contractors or agents of CATIE who need to access the information to provide the requested service.

Your personal information will only be used for the purpose for which you gave it to us unless we are required to do otherwise by law.

CATIE's Privacy Policy