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High Life Highland Family Survey

1. How are you connected to Scotland?
2. Have you visited Scotland before?
2. How likely is it that you will visit Scotland in the future?   1 Not at all likely - 7 Very likely
2. Whether or not you have Scottish ancestry, how interested are you in discovering more about your family history?   
1 Not at all interested – 7 Very interested

3. Whether or not you have Scottish ancestry, how interested would you be in purchasing any of the following family history products/services, were they available to you? Please mark interest from 1 - 7

1 - Not interested at all  and 7 - Very interested
Space Cell 1234567Already have
A family tree, researched by a professional family historian
Online family history classes
A private, guided tour exploring your ancestral homeland
In person family history classes
Membership of a family history society
A family tree and full research report, researched by a professional family historian
An online subscription giving access to family history webinars and ask the expert sessions
A personalised itinerary for a self-guided tour of your ancestral homelands
An online clan portal providing information about Scotland’s clans
A DNA report of your ancestry to accompany your family history research
An online subscription to a family history database, e.g.
A tour where you learn about researching your family history and also visit other top heritage locations in the local area
A tour taking you to visit specific clan heartlands
About you
5. What gender are you?