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NCTCOG Employee Survey 2019

Here’s your chance to help your community and address travel related issues by telling us about your work commute.

The North Central Texas Council of Governments (NCTCOG), a voluntary association of local governments established to assist in regional planning, wants to better understand current commuting habits, travel difficulties, and interests of commuters like you.

The information from this survey will help NCTCOG and our planning partners from the cities of Dallas, Garland, Plano and Richardson as well as Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) better address real-world needs and develop land-use and transportation policies for the region.

Your answers will remain strictly confidential. Your company was randomly chosen to participate in this survey and your employer agreed to distribute the survey to you. This survey is being conducted by NRC, on behalf of NCTCOG. For more information about the study, please visit the NCTCOG website page at: