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COGR Membership Survey 2019

Contact Information

Welcome to the 2019 COGR Membership Survey!  We are reaching out to the COGR membership on several areas, including Meetings, Communications, Membership Engagement, and Significant Policy Issues.  We very much value your feedback and appreciate you taking the time to complete this survey.

Results will be reported in aggregate.  Neither you nor your institution will be identified in the final reporting results.  Only COGR staff will have access to your identifying information.  However, if you wish to complete this survey anonymously, you may do so by skipping Questions 1-5. 

If you're completing this survey on a mobile device, please be sure to scroll down and complete each question before advancing the screen.

This survey is estimated to take approximately 45 minutes.  After advancing past the first screen, you may choose to save and continue the survey (upper right corner link).  You'll be emailed a link to access your survey later.

Please ensure you complete your survey and hit "submit" in order for your survey to be counted in the final results.

We anticipate discussing a summary of results at the October 2019 COGR meeting.