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Education Center Classroom Rental Agreement

FCBR Education Center Room Rental Agreement

Requesting the Education Center Room means that you agree to the following policies:
  • I agree to be responsible for all actions taken by my group while in the building. I understand that I will be billed for any damage incurred during my reservation.
  • I agree to pay the Rental Fee prior to the room reservation.
  • I will give FCBR 24 hours notice, no shows will be charged the rental fee.
  • Peripheral devices (e.g., laptops, keyboards, etc.) are not provided.
  • I agree to clean up at the end of my reservation, returning all tables etc. to the original placement.
    • All trash emptied, taken to the dumpster
    • Coffee pots turned off
    • Lights turned off (restroom and classroom lights)
    • Doors locked

Education Center available Monday through Friday, 8AM - 5PM.

$100/day - FCBR REALTOR and Industry Partner Members only.
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