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8x8 Portfolio Management & Accounting 2019

Your View of the Market

Thank you for participating in our survey on portfolio management & accounting technology.

Our annual “Follow the Money” survey on priorities, value and risk drivers across the IT portfolio shows that spending on portfolio management & accounting is increasing.

Portfolio management and accounting platforms have been the stable but unexciting backbone of asset management technology planning for decades.  Functional and asset class gaps were filled by best-of-breed add-ons, manual workaround or selective outsourcing.  The grey area between ‘if it ain’t broke don’t fix it’ and incremental obsolescence was not an attractive target for R&D investment, startups or other challenges to the status quo.

That glacial pace of change has been comprehensively overturned in the past three years, and portfolio management and accounting is finally a core target for renewal and investment.  Adox Research is conducting a research project to better understand the impact of three fundamental drivers of that shift:

- Wholesale adoption of cloud deployment and SaaS models

- Consolidation and integrating of software, services and outsourcing solutions

- The impact of new insight-driven technology such as AI and machine learning as well as new and traditional automation tools

The framework of our research is our 8x8 methodology - where we profile up to 8 providers and solutions across 8 metrics of value, functionality and innovation.

The full results of this survey will be available to all Adox Research subscribers. A summary of the key insights will be available to all participants. Each participant will have the ability to review and edit solution-specific factual information prior to publication.
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2. In your estimate, what is the size of the global market for portfolio management & accounting technology in USD? 
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5. What is the geographical split of firms using your solution or service?
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6. What is the industry segment split of firms using your solution or service? What is the percentage for each segment of the total number of users?
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7. How do you expect each of the below business drivers to impact the portfolio management & accounting market in the next 2 years?
Space Cell low impactmedium impacthigh impactvery high impact
Fintech challengers
SaaS deployment
Vendor consolidation/integrated platforms
Managed Services/outsourcing
8. In your expectation,  when will the following technology and industry advances start to have an impact on portfolio management & accounting projects and solutions?
Space Cell in use nowmainstream impact in the next 2 yearslow impact in the next 2 to 5 yearsmainstream impact in the next 2 to 5 yearsunlikely to make impact in the next 5 years
Blockchain/Distributed Ledger
Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
Machine learning
Artificial Intelligence
Natural Language Processing
Alternative Data
Unstructured Data