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ProductCamp Austin 23 - Session Proposal Form

ProductCamp Austin 23 - Session Proposal Form

Please submit your ONE session proposal via this form. Submission deadline is September 8, 2019.
If you have any questions, please contact the sessions team at

Please provide a compelling description of your session. Remember, these will be visible on the site! (Limit - 150 words)
3. Session Category *This question is required.To better capture the topics presented to the PCA community, we have organized the majority of topics in the following categories, and ask that you indicate the category or categories your session will cover. The categories with examples are:
  • Careers - Topics explicitly focused on product careers, such as team management, interviews, role definitions, small vs. big company, and tools for employers and job seekers
  • Data Analytics - Topics such as data science, in-product analytics, customer surveys, business intelligence, AI, machine learning, and reporting and visualization tools
  • Product Marketing - Topics focused on marketing, such as market analysis (market research, market segmentation, competitive analysis), marketing execution (demand generation, events, PR, advertising, social media, marketing collateral, sales tools and enablement, channel management, marketing metrics), and go-to-market (product launch plans and readiness, pricing, messaging and branding, channel strategy, sales enablement)
  • Product Management -Topics such as product strategy (market problems, personas, roadmaps, business model, portfolio planning, partnerships, technology assessment), methods and processes (agile, lean startup, jobs-to-be-done), requirements (MRD, PRD, elicitation, use cases, prioritization), product lifecycle management (portfolio analysis, Crossing the Chasm, brand management, end-of-life, divestment, customer retention, repositioning)
  • User Experience - Topics such as customer/product experience (UI/UX/IxD/human factors)
  • Other - Topics not covered in the above descriptions such as entrepreneurship
Please choose the category or categories that best match your session topic. Choose all that apply.
To better meet the needs of the PCA community, we have added a new session classification called Target Audience. The definitions are:
  • Essentials - these sessions are targeted to product managers and product marketers with no or little previous experience in the topic and should discuss core knowledge and skills that a product manager or product marketer would want to know in the topic area.
  • Advanced - these sessions are targeted to product managers and product marketers with previous experience in the topic area and that are looking to increase their depth of knowledge in that topic by discussing a narrow subject at a deeper level of detail.
  • Entrepreneurs - these sessions are targeted to startup entrepreneurs and small business owners that are looking to create breakthrough products but need a solid understanding of product management and product market principles as it applies to entrepreneurs, recognizing that an entrepreneurial company does not have a dedicated product management or product marketing role and that the practice of these principles may be different than in established companies.
Please choose which target audience your session best addresses.
You can structure a session however you wish, but to help align expectations of the session leader and the participants, we offer the following descriptions of formats that have been well received in previous ProductCamps.  It is not necessary to follow these formats, but experience has shown them to be popular and using the label will help match expectations for those who come to a session.  In general, the sessions that have been reported as most enjoyed and talked about have been very interactive.  This list is not intended to be limiting, so feel free to be creative.
  • Ask the Expert – This format is most successful with a recognized authority on a subject of wide interest or a direct participant in some particularly interesting event or phenomenon.  The expert or a moderator introduces the topic and frames some appropriate discussion and then opens the floor for questions, including those that might be somewhat specific as long as they apply to more people than the individual questioner.
  • Case Study – This format could be a combination of presentation and town hall discussion. A real-life problem faced by a company is detailed by the presenter, then the audience discusses in-depth what they would do in this situation. Then the presenter reveals what happened, and usually leads the second round of discussion of what could have been improved or avoided.
  • Panel Discussion – Popularly seen, this format has several people qualified to talk about the subject of the session, preferably from diverse or even counterpoint perspectives or roles.  A moderator facilitates questions from the audience or a series of prepared questions for the panelists, but a significant part of the session is still interactive Q&A with the audience.
  • Presentation – This is the regular PowerPoint-only presentation where you, as a presenter, spend 40 mins going through your slides
  • Roundtable Breakout – Similar to Town Hall, except that the audience breaks out into small groups and typically shares findings, comments, or team responses with the room at the end of the session.
  • Town Hall – The leader presents a short (20-30 minute max) informative topic, open-ended question or premise and opens the floor for expansion, comment, questions, and general discussion.
  • Workshop – In this format, the audience is actively involved, collectively or in groups, in an exercise or application of a technique or process which has been presented by the session leader.  The description should mention the portion of the session spent in the exercise and what the attendees will produce.  Proposers are encouraged to have knowledgeable assistants to help answer questions and support the exercise.
Please select the format that best matches your proposed format.
Once you have selected the number of session leaders/co-leaders, you'll be able to enter the name and bio of each person. Up to a maximum of four.
Enter the name and a short bio for each session leader/co-leader/panelist. (Limit - 60 words per bio)
Enter the name and a short bio for each session leader/co-leader/panelist. (Limit - 60 words per bio)
Enter the name and a short bio for each session leader/co-leader/panelist. (Limit - 60 words per bio)
Enter the name and a short bio for each session leader/co-leader/panelist. (Limit - 60 words per bio)
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