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2019 Girlpreneur Competition Application

Application Overview

Your company’s submission must include your business plan covering the following questions and a video component. (Photos are optional). The deadline to submit an entry has been extended to Monday, October 27th, 2019.

Essay submission should address the following questions:

1. Statement of the problem (max 200 words)
• Clearly describe the problem or issue your Company is trying to solve.
• Explain how this problem affects our community/world.
2. Your business solution (max 200 words)
• Describe your Company’s product/service.
• Explain how your Company solves the identified problem.
3. Uniqueness of your product or service (max 200 words)
• Explain what makes your Company unique.
• Clarify how your company differs from other similar companies.
4. Describe your customer and how you will market to them (200 words)
• Age range, interests, preferences, geography, etc.
• How will people find out about your product/service?

5. Describe your companies business activity so far. (max 200 words)
• Explain the activity like if you've sold any products/services or completed product design or production.
• Describe any limitations you've faced while trying to complete any of the activities.
6. You must submit a 2-3 minute video demonstrating how your Company will help your customers solve the problem you have identified. Here are some tips on how to prepare your video:
• Clearly articulate the identified problem and why it is important to address.
• Convey your company’s vision for how it will solve the problem.
• Use engaging visual elements, such as graphics, storyboards, and role playing.

7. Submit Student Release Forms for each team member under the age of 18 in order to participate in this contest. Parent Release form can be found here.