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Fellowship 2020 Cohort Application

Let's Get Started

Cohort application deadline is Nov. 22 at 10 AM CST. 

Before applying, make sure you: 
  • Give yourself 12 minutes to complete this application.
    • Save your progress by clicking the Next button.
  • Have a YouTube or Vimeo link ready.
    • This is a 1-3 minute video of YOU sharing your entrepreneurial journey and why you want to be part of the Fellowship. 
  • It's free to apply and no equity will be taken. 
  • The Fellowship is a selective national year-long virtual accelerator. 
  • It runs January-November 2020.
  • Open to ALL young founders (18-30 y/o) who are a founder and equity holder of the company (typically the CEO or C-Suite role).
    • School enrollment is not an eligibility factor.
  • View full program participation expectations: click here.
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