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Fellowship 2020 Cohort Application

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Applications for the Fellowship close November 22 at 10AM CST. 

Before applying, make sure you have a YouTube or Vimeo link to your personal statement video about your entrepreneurial journey. This application should take about 12 minutes to complete. You can save your application information by selecting the "next" button.

  • The Fellowship is a selective and prestigious national year-long virtual accelerator. The Cohort runs from January through November 2020. The Fellowship is open to ALL young founders (18-30 y/o) who are a founder and equity holder of the company (typically the CEO or C-Suite role); school enrollment is not a factor in Fellowship eligibility.
  • The Fellowship is free and Future Founders does not take equity.
  • In exchange for the opportunities and experiences Fellows receive, there are some program participation expectations. Click here to read them.
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