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MCB Publications Survey

Starting this fiscal year, we are making significant changes to the way we produce and distribute MCB publications. With publication costs continuing to rise, these changes allow us to make a significant impact (for the better) on our Bar’s budget while still being responsive to the needs of our members. Please complete the brief publications survey below to help us better serve you.
Member Directory: The membership directory will only be printed in a limited run this year for those who respond to this survey indicating they would like to continue receiving it in hard copy form. Please note that the MCB will no longer be mailing these copies. 2019-20 member directories must be picked up at the Bar & Foundation Center.
1. Personal Information *This question is required.
2. Would you still like a hard copy of the MCB membership directory (please note: hard copies will only be printed for individuals who respond yes)? *This question is required.
3. If you use the print version of the directory, how do you use it? Select all that apply:
4. Do you use the online member directory at
5. If yes, would you prefer to use the existing member directory portal or would you prefer to use a flipbook (.PDF) version of the print directory?
6. Have you uploaded a profile picture on your profile? These photos appear in the online member directory search.
Mecklenburg Bar News
7. Do you read the Mecklenburg Bar News?
10. Do you like the new bi-monthly format that began in July 2019?
12. Are you aware that the Mecklenburg Bar News is available on
13. Would you opt out of receiving a hard copy of the Mecklenburg Bar News and read it only online?
Electronic Publications & Social Media
14. Do you read the Bar Blasts?
16. Do you follow the MCB on LinkedIn (@Mecklenburg County Bar), Facebook (@MecklenburgCountyBar) or Twitter (@Meck_Bar)?
17. What is your most preferred method for receiving information from the MCB or MBF?
18. Would you be interested in receiving updates from the MCB via text?
19. What is your age range?
20. What is your firm size?