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The Purpose, Culture and Leadership of Telcos


We want to find out what you think about the purpose, culture and leadership of telecoms operators, and how important these aspects are to the companies' success.

All responses will be treated anonymously and in strictest confidence. We will not attribute what you say or share your details with anyone!

The survey should take about 5 minutes, and we will send you a copy of the results if you supply your email address. If you do give us your email, we'll check separately what else you'd like to get from us and won't just spam you.
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2. What telco are you answering this survey about?

Ideally, we'd like you to answer about the telco you work for, work with or know best, because all telcos are different.

We understand that you may feel uncomfortable about naming a telco although we will not share what anyone says, and it will make the results much more useful. However, if you don't want to name a specific telco, please select the option 'A telco' here.
3. It would be helpful to our analysis to be able to group the results a little. What is the telco's main area of operation?
3. Does the telco you are thinking about operate in...?
3. Is the telco you are thinking of...?
3. Is the telco (or part of the telco) you are thinking about focused on...?
3. What company are you in?
4. Which department are you in?
5. What is your role?
6. Overall, to what extent are the following factors a barrier or enabler of success in the telco you are thinking of?
Space Cell A significant barrier to successSometimes a barrier to successNot a barrier to successSignificantly helps successDon't know
Formal internal systems and processes
Company culture - how people typically behave
Leadership vision, alignment and delivery
Recruitment and training - getting the skills it needs