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Reproductive Coercion in Primary Care

Thank you for your interest in this project. We appreciate your enquiry.

* PLEASE NOTE: It is important to be aware of what anyone who makes you feel unsafe/afraid could potentially view on your computer. This is true for both your participation in this project, and your general internet use. The only way to guarantee your safety is to only use a computer that the person you are afraid of does not have any access to (e.g. at library, work, friend's house, etc.). If you use a computer at home, make sure you know how to clear your browser history (instructions are here)

What is the project about?
This is the second phase of a project called ‘Responding to Reproductive Coercion in Australian Primary Care’ conducted through the Department of General Practice at the University of Melbourne. The project is looking at women’s experiences of having someone force them to get pregnant, terminate a pregnancy or continue a pregnancy against their wishes and their interactions with health services. We are investigating what support and help women think they should be provided by health professionals.

Who is it for, and what is involved?
We are inviting women who are aged 18+ and who have ever had someone try to get them pregnant when they didn’t want to be, tried to force them to get an abortion or keep a pregnancy when they didn’t want to. We are looking for women who have experienced one or multiple of these to participate in a confidential interview with a female researcher from the University of Melbourne. The interview can be conducted at The University of Melbourne, or over the telephone if attending in person is not possible.

Participants will be given a $30 gift voucher as a token of appreciation for their time.  

How can I receive further information about participation?
If you would like to receive further information about participation, please fill in your details on the next page, and we will contact you shortly. You can then decide whether or not you wish to participate.
Alternatively, please contact Molly on 0415486605 or email
for more information.